Vibration Response of Products

vibration response

Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse, caused by improperly designed structure

Vibration of a mechanical system can be descried as an oscillatory motion about an equilibrium point. Certain vibrations of mechanical systems can be considered desirable, such as in musical instruments like a tuning fork or guitar.

However, often times vibrations of mechanical systems are undesirable, producing wasted energy, unwanted noise and catastrophic failures. Therefore it is critical during the product design phase that engineers are able to accurately characterize the vibration response of the system in order to ensure a safe and reliable product for their customers. We accomplish this through comprehensive vibration testing services.

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Shock Testing: Long Duration Half Sine Shock

Shock testing with long durations can be a challenging endeavor. DES recently had to perform a 35G peak, half sine shock with a 50 millisecond duration. The video below shows this shock test being performed.

This sounds like an easy shock to carry out because a peak of 35G is low compared to many shocks. However, this is a difficult shock to perform because 50 milliseconds is a long duration. Most typical shock durations are less than 20 milliseconds.

A half sine shock impulse has the shape of a half sine wave. More details can be found elsewhere on our blog, in an article titled “Classical Shock Testing“.

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