Product Reliability Testing Services Erie PA

Delserro Engineering Solutions (DES) has been providing product reliability testing services to Erie customers since 1982. DES works with product manufactures, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as the aerospace and other industries in Pennsylvania and across the US, managing multi-million dollar test projects where vibration, shock and stress failures can result in catastrophic consequences.

Vibration Testing Erie

DES’s vibration testing services can apply many types of vibration loads along 3 axes using our multiple Electro-Dynamic Shaker Systems. We stand apart from other labs because of our in depth experience and technical capability to understand and reproduce the most complicated vibration profiles. DESolutions has performed vibration testing for Erie customers to the most complex vibration requirements on products that are used in outer space, rockets, missiles, automotive & truck environments, military environments, hospitals, etc.

HALT Testing Erie

Product reliability is essential to success in today's competitive global market. Highly accelerated life testing (HALT) is an intensive method used to expose design and process weaknesses, allowing you to improve them prior to product launch. Companies in Erie for whom we've performed HALT testing have reported savings in the millions of dollars. While HALT testing was originally conceived for the aerospace industry, we now perform the test on a wide range of aerospace, commercial, medical, and military products.

Shock Testing Erie

Shock testing is performed to evaluate whether items can withstand high G force, short duration impulse loads.  Our in-depth experience and technical capability to understand and reproduce the most complicated shock profiles sets us apart from competitor labs.  DES provides our Erie clients with shock testing services to the most complex shock requirements on products that are used in outer space, rockets, missiles, military environments, etc.

Accelerated Product Life Testing Erie

Under normal conditions it can take many years to gather failure data on the life cycle of a new product.  Aerospace, military equipment, OEMs and product manufacturing companies in Erie use our accelerated product life testing services to get the quick results they need to bring new products to the marketplace.  Our accelerated product life cycle testing services reduce the overall time to failure to weeks by increasing the frequency of the field loads and by removing insignificant stress components.

In addition to the services above, DES also provides the following product reliability testing services to our Pennsylvania-based customers: Environmental Stress Screening (ESS), Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS), altitudeenvironmental & climate testing, HighlyAccelerated Stress Test (HAST), Multiple Environment Over Stress Testing (MEOST) and a multitude of other type of product testing.

If you're not sure which service will best meet your needs, contact us. We can help you find the right answers.

About Erie PA

Located in the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania, the city of Erie is the fourth largest city in the state. Like many cities in the state, Erie has a strong industrial presence that has remained prominent even in the face of economic downturn. Located along the Presque Isle Bay of Lake Erie, the city prospered as a shipbuilding, fishing and railroad hub in the mid-19th century. Today, over 10% of America’s plastics are manufactured or finished in Erie-based plastic plants. General Electric diesel-electric locomotive construction remains relevant in the city.

Erie has a number of cultural highlights that continue to draw tourists year after year, including the Presque Isle State Park located within the Presque Isle Bay, the Erie Art Museum, the Warner Theatre, and the Bicentennial Tower. It also contains a number of educational institutions, including Gannon University, Mercyhurst University, Edinboro University and Penn State Behrend.