Electrical Connector Performance Test Standards

EIA-364 establishes a uniform set of industry standards for evaluating the environmental performance of electrical connectors.  

  • EIA-364-1000 Environmental Test Methodology for Assessing the Performance of Electrical Connectors and Sockets Used in Controlled Environment Applications
  • EIA-364-105A Altitude - Low Temperature Test
  • EIA/ECA-364-10E Fluid Immersion Test
  • EIA/ECA-364-110 Thermal Cycling Test
  • EIA-364-11C Resistance to Sovents Test
  • EIA-364-17C Temperature Life with or without Electrical Load Test
  • EIA-364-26C Salt Spray Corrosion Test
  • EIA-364-27C Mechanical Shock (Specified Pulse) Test
  • EIA-364-28F Vibration Test
  • EIA-364-31C Humidity Test
  • EIA-364-32F Thermal Shock (Temperature Cycling) Test
  • EIA-364-49 Ultraviolet Radiation Test
  • EIA-364-50B Dust (Fine Sand) Test
  • EIA-364-51A Ice Resistance Test
  • EIA/ECA-364-59A Low Temperature Test¬†