DES Lab Centrifuge: Precision Testing at Over 100G

Explore the capabilities of the DES lab centrifuge, designed to simulate extreme operational conditions by generating inertia forces up to and exceeding 100Gs. This facility is tailored for rigorous acceleration testing, ensuring that military and aerospace products can endure the harshest environments.

This facility not only adheres to rigorous international testing standards but also incorporates proprietary DES technologies that enhance test accuracy and reliability. Utilizing our cutting-edge data acquisition systems, we ensure that every test conducted in our lab delivers comprehensive insights into the endurance and operational capabilities of products, setting a new benchmark for quality in acceleration testing.

Centrifuge Testing for High-Performance Products

At DES, centrifuge testing is vital for validating the structural integrity and resilience of components destined for critical applications. Our centrifuge is equipped with advanced slip ring lines that allow for real-time monitoring of power and data transmission, enabling precise assessments of product behavior under significant G-forces.

Our centrifuge facility plays a critical role in preemptively identifying potential failures, thereby enhancing product durability before they enter strenuous real-world applications. This proactive approach to product testing helps our clients save on costly post-deployment repairs and replacements, ensuring that their products are both robust and reliable from the outset.

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Acceleration Testing for Military and Aerospace Applications

Our centrifuge services are indispensable for products that must meet the highest standards of reliability and safety. By replicating the intense forces encountered during military operations and space missions, we provide essential data that helps refine product designs to withstand any challenge they might face in actual deployment.

Discover Our Lab Centrifuge’s Advanced Features

Watch our latest video to see the DES lab centrifuge in action, where it tests the limits of aerospace and military products with unparalleled precision. This demonstration shows the smooth operation of our centrifuge while achieving significant G Forces.

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