Why DES?

There are lots of reasons to choose DES as your testing solutions provider but here are 15 of the most important ones:

  1. We help you get PRODUCTS TO MARKET FASTER!
  2. We help improve PRODUCT RELIABILITY which will increase your PROFITABILITY.
  3. We help you decide what test specifications to perform.
  4. We provide insight based on the test results and how it applies to your products.
  5. We have the experience and knowledge to perform the most complicated tests that other labs are unable to perform.
  6. We think outside of the box and accelerate test methods SAVING you TIME and MONEY.
  7. We work on projects from start to finish.  We never outsource.
  8. We have the knowledge and experience to:
    • Develop a custom reliability test plan
    • Accelerate test time
    • Build a custom test setup
    • Run the test
    • Analyze the results
  9. We are committed to fast turnaround.
  10. We provide thorough, accurate, well-written reliability TEST REPORTS.
  11. We offer exceptional, personalized service.
  12. We have never received a complaint in over 20 years in business.
  13. We don’t just run tests, we provide superior TESTING SOLUTIONS!
  14. We have experience managing large, multi-million dollar TESTING PROJECTS.
  15. We are located in a quiet rural area that is near major cities and airports such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and New York.