Vibration Testing

vibration testing services at DES

Vibration Test of Diesel Engine Valve

DES’s vibration testing services can apply many types of vibration loads along 3 axes using our multiple Electro-Dynamic Shaker Systems.  We are able to control or monitor multiple accelerometer channels.  What sets DES apart from other labs is our in depth experience and technical capability to understand and reproduce the most complicated vibration profiles. When performing our vibration testing services, DES has tested to the most complex vibration requirements on products that are used in outer space, rockets, missiles, automotive and truck environments, military environments, hospitals and more.

DES has Multiple Electrodynamic Shaker Systems capable of: 

  • Slip tables for 3 axis testing
  • 6,000 lbf force sustained vibration loads
  • Up to 3,000 Hz frequency range
  • Over 100g's peak acceleration
  • Vibration: Sine, Random, Sine on Random, Random on Random
  • Replication of measured field data
  • Gunfire vibration
  • Many high speed data acquisition channels
electronic product vibration test

Vibration Test of Electronic Product

Vibration Test Applications Include:

  • Reliability testing
  • Accelerated Life Testing
  • Shock loads
  • Transportation load simulation
  • Production stress screening
  • Squeak & rattle testing
  • Package testing
  • Product development
  • Fatigue due to vibration
  • Fragility