temperature & humidity testing chamber

One of DES's ESPEC Chambers

DES can perform Temperature & Humidity, High Temperature, Low Temperature and Temperature Cycle Testing.  Humidity testing will accelerate and expose corrosion problems in your product.  High Temperature and Low Temperature testing are meant to test the durability of your product for long term storage or operation in these environments.  Temperature cycling between high and low temperatures will create accelerated thermal fatigue of solder joints, seals, and connections in your product.

Equipment Capabilities:

  • Multiple temperature & humidity test chambers
  • Temperature range from -70°C to +180°C (-95°F to +356°F)
  • Oven capable of +400°C (750°F)
  • Temperature rate of change up to 20°C/minute
  • Low and high humidity ranges from 10°C & 10% to 85°C & 98%

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