Shock Testing

Shock testing is performed to evaluate whether items can withstand high G force, short duration impulse loads.  What sets DES apart from other labs is our in depth experience and technical capability to understand and reproduce the most complicated shock profiles.  DES has tested to the most complex requirements on products that are used in outer space, rockets, missiles, military environments, etc.

DES has numerous Shock Capabilities using Drop Tower and Pneumatic Shock Machines

shock testing & evaluation

Shock Test at DES

Shock Testing Capabilities:

  • Up to 9,000 lbf shock loads using an ED Shaker
  • Accelerations of 5,000 G and higher with shock amplifier
  • Shock pulse duration range of 0.2 to 70 milliseconds
  • Half-Sine, haversine, square or trapezoid, and saw-tooth shock waveforms
  • Ability to apply many repetitive shock impulses
  • Many high speed data acquisition channels
  • Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) Analysis

Why Shock Testing is Important

  • You need to know what your product’s fragility level is. DE Solutions uses shock testing to determine how well your product will hold up during handling and transportation.
  • In the event of a crash, you’ll need to know if your product has any parts that break off and/or eject.
  • Is your product destined for outer space or military environments? DE Solutions can perform shock testing to determine if your product is strong enough to withstand high G force and short duration impulse loads.