Electrical Connector Performance Test Standards

EIA-364 establishes a uniform set of industry standards for evaluating the environmental performance of sockets and electrical connectors in controlled environment applications.  Controlled environments are classified as no more severe than class number G1.2 according to the latest revision.

  • EIA-364-1000 Environmental Test Methodology for Assessing the Performance of Electrical Connectors and Sockets Used in Controlled Environment Applications
  • EIA-364-105A Altitude - Low Temperature Test
  • EIA/ECA-364-10E Fluid Immersion Test
  • EIA/ECA-364-110 Thermal Cycling Test
  • EIA-364-11C Resistance to Sovents Test
  • EIA-364-17C Temperature Life with or without Electrical Load Test
  • EIA-364-26C Salt Spray Corrosion Test
  • EIA-364-27C Mechanical Shock (Specified Pulse) Test
  • EIA-364-28F Vibration Test
  • EIA-364-31C Humidity Test
  • EIA-364-32F Thermal Shock (Temperature Cycling) Test
  • EIA-364-49 Ultraviolet Radiation Test
  • EIA-364-50B Dust (Fine Sand) Test
  • EIA-364-51A Ice Resistance Test
  • EIA/ECA-364-59A Low Temperature Test¬†