Delserro Engineering Solutions Featured in Digital Engineering

Digital EngineeringSimulation during the design phase allows engineers and designers to improve on their concepts and avoid mistakes.

New technologies have made this increasingly easier, a trend Digital Engineering looks at in their new article, “The SMB Case for Simulation” by Brian Albright.

Delserro Engineering Solutions was pleased to take part in this piece, which appeared in May.

“There’s no substitute for testing, but it can be more expensive and more time-consuming than running a simulation,” DES President Gary Delserro said in the article. “If you study and understand how to design the product right the first time, it will reduce that test time and cost.”

He continued:

“If you test something and it fails, you might spend a week setting it up and a week testing it, and then you have to go back and do a failure analysis,” Delserro adds. “You can spend three or four weeks on a program like that. If you had done some accurate simulation up front, you could have found that problem in less than a week, so you’d have significant time savings.”

Delserro also spoke to Digital Engineering about the importance of finding an engineering firm with simulation expertise.

“Be careful that the company you work with has a track record in your industry and check their references,” he said. “If you haven’t got any experience in simulation, it can be worth it to have someone who knows what they are doing to handle those first projects.”

This isn’t the first time this industry publication has sought Delserro Engineering Solutions’ insight. In 2014, Delserro was featured in an article on the capabilities of engineering testing companies.

Read that article here, but Delserro is more than happy to tell you about their testing capabilities themselves.

No matter what your needs are, DES can help you design the most precise, all-encompassing test possible. Contact Delserro today to learn more.

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