Product Life Cycle Testing of a Drawer Used in a Medical Product

This is a case study of a reliability test performed by Delserro Engineering Solutions, Inc. Reliability Testing Drawer Life Cycle(DES) on a drawer used in a medical product. A sample of the test can be seen in our video library. DES was contacted by a leading medical equipment manufacturer to perform life cycle testing on a new product. One of the major components to be reliability tested was a drawer. This drawer had to be open and closed many thousand times during its lifetime.

First, DES developed a reliability test plan that defined how the tests would be performed, the number of samples required and how the test results would be quantified into a field life. After the plan was approved by the manufacturer, the reliability test had to be designed.

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An Informational Guide to HALT and HASS

Product reliability is essential to success in today’s competitive global market.  HALT and HASS are intensive methods used to expose and then improve design and process weaknesses.  HALT and HASS are faster, less expensive and more accurate than traditional testing techniques.  HALT and HASS are proven processes used to lower product development and manufacturing costs, compress time to market, reduce warranty costs, improve customer satisfaction, gain market share and increase profits. Some companies have reported savings in the millions after using HALT and HASS.

HALT and HASS can accelerate a product’s aging process from actual months into test minutes much faster than traditional testing!

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