DES is an A2LA Accredited Lab

Delserro Engineering Solutions (DES) has achieved accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).  This accreditation further demonstrates DES’s technical competence and our strong commitment to quality.  To see the scope of our accreditation, please click on the following image:

Delserro Engineering Solutions (DES) is an industry-wide leader in the field of product reliability test methods including Accelerated Product Life Testing, Vibration, Shock & Constant Acceleration Testing, Environmental and Climatic Testing.

For more information contact DES or call 610.253.6637.


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Delserro Engineering Solutions Featured in Digital Engineering

Digital EngineeringSimulation during the design phase allows engineers and designers to improve on their concepts and avoid mistakes.

New technologies have made this increasingly easier, a trend Digital Engineering looks at in their new article, “The SMB Case for Simulation” by Brian Albright.

Delserro Engineering Solutions was pleased to take part in this piece, which appeared in May.

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DES is Looking for a Quality or Test Engineer

For over 30 years, Delserro Engineering Solutions (DES) has been an industry-wide leader in the field of product reliability testing. DES is currently seeking an experienced quality engineer or a test engineer.

Responsibilities of this position include:
  • Setting up and performing tests
  • Writing procedures and test reports
  • Have a thorough understanding of test equipment such volt meters, power supplies, data acquisition systems, test chambers & vibration/shock equipment
  • Working within the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and DES’s operating policies
  • Understanding and following detailed instructions, test standards and specifications


Additional requirements of this position include:
  • Must be a US citizen
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office products
  • Able to effectively communicate
  • Able to meet deadlines and multitask
  • Able to lift 50 pounds without stress
  • Must be a team player and work well with group activities


Experience with the following is a plus:
  • ISO 17025 Quality Management System
  • Previous work experience in a test lab environment
  • Operation of instrumentation, temperature chambers, & vibration/shock test equipment
  • Test methods such as HALT, temperature & humidity testing, vibration & shock testing, reliability and durability testing
  • Test standards such as MIL-STD-810, RTCA DO-160 & ISO 60068
  • Package Testing
  • Reliability and Accelerated Life Testing theories


Please e-mail resumes and salary requirements to

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DES Adds New Unholtz-Dickie Vibration Test System

Vibration Testing Bed
Our new Unholtz-Dickie vibration and shock testing platform.

To keep up with increasing vibration and shock testing demand, DES added a brand new Unholtz-Dickie Electro Dynamic (ED) Shaker Test System. The shaker is a model SAI30F-S452/ST system with slip table to perform vibration and shock testing along 3 axes. This gives DES additional vibration and shock testing capability and also will help us turn your projects around faster.

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Delserro Engineering Solutions Featured in Desktop Engineering

Delserro Engineering Solutions (DES) was honored to be featured in a recent article discussing the capabilities of engineering testing companies. The article highlighted the benefits, in terms of both design and cost, of adequately testing designs, preferably as early in the process as possible. It also discussed the ins and outs of partnering effectively with a reliability testing facility.

The goal of this article was to teach product developers how to get the most bang for their testing buck; a goal that aligns perfectly with DES’s philosophy. No matter what your testing needs are, be they HALT, HASS, or other environmental or stress tests, DES is able to help you design and implement the most comprehensive and accurate test possible. As always, our client’s success is the source of our satisfaction.

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DES Increases Combined Temperature & Vibration Testing Capabilities

Vibration Testing - Delserro Engineering SolutionsVibration Testing - Delserro Engineering SolutionsDES added another larger AGREE Chamber to perform Combined Temperature and Vibration Testing. This gives DES additional capability to perform combined environmental testing on larger products. DES has performed Combined Temperature and Vibration Testing on car engine sensors, helicopter sensors and outdoor heavy industrial products. Some of the test specifications include MIL-STD-810 and General Motors GMW 3172.

The Equipment Capabilities Are:

  • Combined shock or sinusoidal, random, mixed mode vibration and temperature
  • Temperature range from -80°C to +180°C (-112°F to +356°F)
  • Temperature rate of change up to 20°C/minute
  • 9 cubic feet interior work space, cvo

To learn more about our combined temperature and vibration testing services, visit our website, and be sure to contact us if you would like to find out how our services can work for your products.

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Recent Testing Projects

We had many interesting test projects at Delserro Engineering Solutions this past month:

  • We completed a Pyroshock test on our Mechanical Impact Pyroshock Simulator (MIPS) on equipment that will fly into outer space.
  • On the other end of the altitude spectrum, we completed environmental testing of components that will be used in submarines to MIL-E-917.  MIL-E-917 is a military specification for Naval shipboard electric power equipment.
  • In the middle of the altitude range, we performed combined temperature and vibration testing on sensors that will be used in automobile engines to specification GMW 3172.  GMW 3172 is a General Motors Specification for electronic component durability.

The following is a sample of some additional testing projects we have completed recently:

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Welcome to our new Website!

Welcome to DES’s new Website and Blog!  This blog will feature news and technical discussions about reliability testing, environmental testing and DES’s services.  We look forward to you visiting our Website and participating in the Blog.  As the blog develops interest, we hope to have good discussions about our testing services.  Feel free to comment in our blog space.

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