DES Performs Testing for Orion Rocket Program

delta4hvy-bkgrdDelserro Engineering Solutions (DES) was proud to be a part of the recent Orion rocket that launched on December 5th 2014. DES was contracted by a local manufacturer to help qualify their product designs for use on Lockheed Martin’s Orion rocket. DES’s role was to perform specialized shock testing on their products.

Some of the shock levels were over 3200 G’s to simulate the rugged launch environment. Both the local manufacturer and Lockheed Martin Corporation were pleased with the testing. Their products successfully passed the shock tests at DES. They acknowledged DES’s role and informed DES that their products operated successfully during the launch!

What sets DES apart from other labs is our in depth experience and technical capability to understand and reproduce the most complicated vibration and shock profiles. DES continues to perform the most complex vibration and shock tests on products that are used in outer space, rockets, missiles, automotive & truck environments, military environments, hospitals, etc.

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