Door Open/Close Accelerated Life Test Case Study

Customer Goal

A customer contacted DES, seeking to create a reliability test plan for their product based on customer usage, new features and design limits.  One of the concerns identified by the customer was the need for an accelerated life test which tested whether their “door assembly” product met the design specification for usage.  In other words, the goal was to create an automated test solution which opened and closed cabinet doors to the estimated amount they would see during a lifetime in the field.


DES created a custom test set up, shown in the video above, which utilized control software, sensors and a motor to simulate the open and close motion seen in the field.  A goal was determined by the customer which represented the number of cycles the product was expected to see in the field.  The control software allowed DES to control and automate the movement, delays and speed of the motor.  In doing so, DES was able to condense the product lifespan into a week-long test.

The product withstood the grunt of testing with little to no observable damage.  The customer was very pleased with the results of the test and confident moving forward with the product design.  This was one of many rigorous customized reliability test solutions DES designed for this customer and product line.  DES has over 20 years of experience designing customized test solutions to fulfill your product and testing needs.  Contact us or call 610.253.6637 to find out what DES can do for you!

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  1. A fascinating case study on door open/close accelerated life testing! 🚪🔬 This article sheds light on the rigorous testing process. The writer’s insights provide a deeper understanding of quality assurance. Thanks for sharing this informative glimpse into product testing!

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