Extreme Combined Temperature & Vibration Testing

DES successfully completed a challenging combined temperature and vibration test which involved high G levels coupled with extreme temperatures!  The vibration conditions required for this test were 10 to 2000 Hz, 20G maximum sinusoidal acceleration.  These sinusoidal vibration tests were conducted during temperatures of -54°C and 200°C.

Meeting these requirements separately would alone be a challenge for any lab.  Meeting these requirements concurrently requires specialized equipment and test setup.  Good insulation is an obvious concern for this test.  The lab must ensure that heat isn’t transferred to the armature of the shaker or else costly damage can occur to the shaker system.  Extreme temperature accelerometers are also necessary if a lab wants to obtain accurate acceleration data.  DES was able to perform this test with successful results and overcome the challenges associated by utilizing their combined temperature and vibration chamber, Figure 1.

Extreme Combined Temperature & Vibration TestingFor more information on Combined Temperature and Vibration Testing or other testing services, contact DES or call 610.253.6637.


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