High G Level Random Vibration Test

DES successfully completed a challenging random vibration test. The high level random vibrations were 46.3 Grms from 50-2000 Hz.

High G Level Random Vibration Profile

Operating the vibration shaker at these levels is difficult because fixture resonances can create control problems causing the test to abort.  First a suitable fixture had to be designed by DES.  Then DES analyzed the fixture using FEA to make sure that it would not have significant resonances below 2000 Hz.  After the fixture was manufactured, it was first tested without product on the shaker to verify its performance.  The fixture performed as designed and did not have any significant resonances that would be imparted into the product under test or cause control problems.  The next step was to mount the product to the fixture and perform the high g level random vibration test.  During the vibration test, the part had to be electrically monitored for operation.  The well designed product passed the test and the customer was very satisfied with the test results and DES’s capabilities.  For more information on Vibration Testing or other testing services, contact DES or call 610.253.6637.

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