Recent Testing Projects

We had many interesting test projects at Delserro Engineering Solutions this past month:

  • We completed a Pyroshock test on our Mechanical Impact Pyroshock Simulator (MIPS) on equipment that will fly into outer space.
  • On the other end of the altitude spectrum, we completed environmental testing of components that will be used in submarines to MIL-E-917.  MIL-E-917 is a military specification for Naval shipboard electric power equipment.
  • In the middle of the altitude range, we performed combined temperature and vibration testing on sensors that will be used in automobile engines to specification GMW 3172.  GMW 3172 is a General Motors Specification for electronic component durability.

The following is a sample of some additional testing projects we have completed recently:

  • Reliability and HALT tests on a heart assist device

  • Reliability testing on sports equipment used by professional athletes to MIL-STD-810G

  • Vibration testing on a fire safety product to UL specifications

  • Salt fog testing on security equipment to ASTM B117

  • Threshold reliability testing on a medical cart

  • Temperature, humidity, vibration and shock tests on industrial electronic equipment to IEC specifications

  • Thermal cycle testing on commercial lighting equipment

  • HALT testing on military equipment

  • Vibration testing on heavy duty truck equipment to SAE J1455

  • Built a custom life cycle test rig for a medical device used for heart surgery

  • Vibration tests on credit card readers that plug into cell phones

  • Temperature and vibration tests on thermometers used in aircraft

  • High G level vibration tests on transmitters used in rockets

We can’t discuss too many details due to the sensitive nature of the products.

To learn more about our variety of different testing techniques including: vibration testing, stress screening and new product reliability, feel free to contact us.

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