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Delserro Engineering Solutions (DES) was honored to be featured in a recent article discussing the capabilities of engineering testing companies. The article highlighted the benefits, in terms of both design and cost, of adequately testing designs, preferably as early in the process as possible. It also discussed the ins and outs of partnering effectively with a reliability testing facility.

The goal of this article was to teach product developers how to get the most bang for their testing buck; a goal that aligns perfectly with DES’s philosophy. No matter what your testing needs are, be they HALT, HASS, or other environmental or stress tests, DES is able to help you design and implement the most comprehensive and accurate test possible. As always, our client’s success is the source of our satisfaction.


Showing Our Advanced Testing Capabilities

The article highlighted DES’s advanced capabilities when it comes to designing complex testing equipment. In this instance, the devices being tested were a series of proposed new sensors for car engines. For this test series, the testing fixture was incredibly complicated and the testing included combined temperature, vibration, and electrical loads, a perfect fit for DES’s vibration shaker chamber.

When you need a HALT or HASS test, or any other testing services, DES has you covered. Our engineers have more than 60 years of combined successful engineering experience. We specialize in stress, reliability, durability, vibration, shock, highly accelerated life testing (HALT), highly accelerated stress screening (HASS), accelerated life testing, and environmental testing. When done correctly, these tests can help you save money, cut production time, and increase product reliability.


Helping Save on Production Costs

The article closed with a few tips from DES and other testing engineers on how they can form the best working relationship with a reliability testing facility. Appropriate communication was the top recommendation. However, there are a host of tips in the full article on getting the most out of your product test.

To read the full article, visit Desktop Engineering. If you’re interested in running a test, contact Delserro Engineering Solutions.

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